Thomas Swanston

Thomas Swanston’s paintings consider the visual and spiritual beauty and one’s surroundings. Drawing inspiration from nature, Swanston creates works that explore the multitude of connotations that are inextricably tied to concepts relating to home and migration.  Swanston states,


The recurring patterns of Sandhill crane migrations remind us of nature’s ability to renew and revive itself, rhythmically changing, yet remaining stable and consistent through the season.  Such is also the human life, changing with each year and each generation.  Like migratory birds, physical and spiritual travelers alike explore new or familiar places, always to return to the one special locale that they call “home.”


Via the use of gilding techniques upon abstract washes of color and light, Swanston creates performance paintings that change and transform with the natural light of a passing day. He brings the beauty of nature into the home and captures the idea that art originates not through personal introspection, but through the contemplation of nature and one’s environment.  


Tom is a big supporter of the Audobon Society and the Rowe Foundation.  The “environment” plays a key role in how his paintings are made as well as within the context of each painting.  



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