Tom Stiltz


Tom Stiltz
Thomas Stiltz was interested in art at a very early age and was constantly drawing portraits and cartoons characters in grade school. In middle school, he won scholarships to art classes at the Delaware Art Museum and began to explore painting. He also studied privately with a local artist, Leo Leskaris, and from that experience, first learned that one could support himself through his art. Stiltz received his B.A. in Fine Art and M.A. in Photography from the University of Delaware. It was during graduate school that Mr. Stiltz received his first photographic shows at the Museum of Contemporary Crafts and Neikrug Gallery, both in New York, NY. After graduation Stiltz started a professional photography and graphic design company called, Visual Thinking, in Wilmington, Delaware. He continued having photography shows and was commissioned to produce a large mirror and laminate work for a show called, "Some American History". He worked with artists Dan Johnson, Larry Rivers, and jazz legend Miles Davis, who recorded music for his 30-foot photographic construction. About 15 years ago, Stiltz began a full-time career in painting. Using the language of photography and his skills in photographic lighting, he created largely, hyperrealistic still lifes. His subjects are objects that people have strong passions for such as wine, music, and flowers. His works have been exhibited by over 40 galleries around the United States, and he has had over 30 one-man shows featuring his photography and paintings. Mr. Stiltz was drawn back into photography in 2009 by the recent advances in digital cameras and inkjet printing technologies. He is pictured here in his Ruxton, Maryland studio and home where he lives with his wife Sheri. They have two daughters, Jennifer and Julie. Gallery Exhibitions American Crafts Museum, New York, NY Neikrug Gallery, New York, NY University of Delaware, Newark, DE The Maryland Institute of Art, Baltimore, MD Permanent Installation at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD Discovery Galleries, Bethesda, MD Hanson Gallery, Carmel, CA Atlas Galleries, Chicago, IL Gallery Hawaii, Maui, HI Ocean Galleries, Thornwood Gallery, Houston, TX, Stone Harbor, NJ Hanson Galleries, Carmel, CA Village Gallery, Laguna, CA Gallery One, Denver, CO Kenneth Behm Galleries, Seattle, WA Gallerie di Sorrento, Las Vegas, NV C. Anthony Gallery, Beaver Creek, CO Art Resources Gallery, Minneapolis, MD Gemini Gallery, Naples, FL Main Street Gallery, Annapolis, MD Collections The French Embassy The American Embassy to France His Majesty Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden The Maryland Art Institute, Baltimore, MD The DeMenil Foundation, Dallas, Texas The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD Joseph Phelps Vineyard, Napa, California Opus One, Napa, California Inniskillin Winery, Niagara, Canada Beaulieu Vineyard, Napa, California,h_400,c_fill/coy9i21cp0zajoxgj1gl.jpg