Juan Gonzalez


Juan Gonzalez
In 1950, Juan González was born on the eastern coast of Spain in the city of Muro de Alcoy (Alicante, Spain). With encouragement from his family, he enrolled in the highly regarded Escuela de Bellas Artes of Alcoy in his native Alicante. Like many young artists, González had to find alternative sources for income. He began working as a textile designer. Although he continued to work in the textile industry, he further developed his artistic genius on the side while spending his free time in his studio. During this time, he began to favor oils. González’s creations began to distinguish him as a painter. His impressionistic touches transform his art into a brilliant composition full of vivid colors and tranquil textures. His works place the viewer into the world in which he has created on his canvas. These characteristics draw his audiences to his works and set him apart as a painter who continues to improve himself through sacrifice and determination. He has participated in individual and collective exhibitions in Spain. Today González’s paintings are collected and shown throughout Spain, thus allowing him to devote his life to his artwork. His works are now being offered in select galleries across the United States.