Deck the Walls Exhibition 

Saturday, December 1st /2018

This is our annual year-end group exhibition where we truly deck the walls with art.

Fall in the Air Exhibition 

Saturday, Oct 20 /2018 

Memories and Dreams Exhibition

Saturday, Sep 8 /2018 

Sabine Stromeyer

The philosophical approach of my contemporary work is minimalism.  In my work, the expression of life's various stages, emotions, and meditative states are represented through the use of different types of mediums and textures.  The texture is achieved through many layers of color, acrylic and modeling paste on bold Styrofoam blocks. "Hanging Sculptures" are the result of this process of building up surfaces. 

Carolyn Anne Crocker

American, oil painter specializing in the landscape.  A gypsy at heart, Carolyn's imagination is stirred by the distant horizon.  Inspired by the dark romanticism of Inness and Turner, she also is drawn toward scenes that have a sense of mystery. The dawn - pink-tinged and full of promise, a late afternoon haze, and the luminous veil of evening form lasting sentiments of light and color which she translates into memorable oil paintings. 

Luis Sottil  

Born and raised in Tampico, Mexico. Sottil created the internationally renowned process of painting that he named Naturalismo. Sottil allures our appetite for the splendid beauty of our natural world. Sottil’s has created a first of its kind program named “Art of Delectable Beauty” using pigments derived from the subjects found in his compositions.  These are colors that are not only captivating to look at,  but you can smell and taste them while you contemplate each work of art. Sottil is the first Latin American painter to be invited by the Walt Disney Company to become an official artist for Disney Fine Art.

Summer Group Show

Saturday, June 30 /2018 

  • "Here To There"  Thomas Swanston’s paintings depict the visual and spiritual beauty emanating from nature.  Drawing inspiration from the environment, Swanston explores concepts relating to home and migration and the various connotations associated with each.  Explaining this underlying philosophy of his work, Swanston states, “The recurring patterns of Sandhill crane migrations remind us of nature’s ability to renew and revive itself, rhythmically changing, yet remaining stable and consistent through the season.  Such is also human life, changing with each year and each generation.  Like migratory birds, physical and spiritual travelers alike explore new or familiar places, always to return to the one special locale that they call home.