Bryan Dubreuiel


Bryan Dubreuiel


Life driven-acclaimed artist, curator, writer and veteran, Bryan Dubreuiel is highly recognized for his approach to redefining figurative abstract art.

Booming with dynamic, glowing, textured colors, Bryan Dubreuiel’s canvases, range from glowing still life and figurative silhouettes to completely abstracted compositions. Irrespective of the subjects in his works, Dubreuiel deals in temperatures, movements and sounds arranged within expanding boundaries. His flowing, glowing, simmering palette of warm, frenetic yellows and reds and more calming, gliding blues and cool greens give his art an edgy multi-sensorial dimension that shifts and mutates as it leaps across different parts of each canvas. His shades and hues sometimes take over the whole composition, only to be hit with a blue or red to catch the viewer’s eyes. The whole creates a sense of energy build-up and accelerating motion, of momentum gathering with each successive brush stroke. Explaining the intense liveliness of his work, Dubreuiel cites the formative nature of world traveling experiences to provide him with the bright colors, sounds and smells as a guide to each completed piece. His paintings include everyday scenes and memories (city views, people talking, and animals) with the excitement of songs remembered, sometimes half-forgotten, of smells and textures amplified through the intensity of colors and shapes.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Bryan Dubreuiel grew up with a normal, happy life, with a wonderful and supportive family. Growing up near Atlanta, what he calls the most intriguing city, art was always the most essential part of his life. Dubreuiel started drawing at three-years-old surprising everyone with his talent.

While growing up around talented and creative family members, he always followed their path and learned from them. But becoming an artist was not a future path he considered for success after high school. Instead, he chose to proudly serve his Country and enlisted in the United States Navy.

So for 20 years while serving, he traveled the world and visited the homes, museums, and galleries of all the famous artists he had learned about at an early age.  This helped him to appreciate the art world even more and define what kind of artist he wanted to be; a painter.

His earliest inspiration was always the abstract form—the colors in something he saw more than what he actually saw as a picture. Leaving painting behind for a time and serving was difficult, but he has since painted basically non stop, besides helping his wife raise their family.

Dubreuiel stayed in Texas after he retired from service, where he is active in the local art community. Music, sounds, words, visions are an integral part of his artistic process and can be seen in his very diverse style of artwork.

He has sold over 500 paintings and prints worldwide. He is proud to say that his original paintings are in numerous corporate and private collections throughout the US and abroad.

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Houston: 2643 Colquitt St, Houston, TX 77098 713-528-4278
Santa Fe: 555 Canyon Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87501 505-428-0279


Houston: 2643 Colquitt St, Houston, TX 77098 713-528-4278
Santa Fe: 555 Canyon Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87501 505-428-0279
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