Andrea Berenguer


Andrea Berenguer
Born in Alcoy, Spain in 1973, Berenguer Casabuena was destined to become an artist. A self-taught painter, she learned at a young age in the studio of her father, a great artist himself. Her first job was in the design office of a textile company dedicated to painting fabrics by hand (Art Miró S.L.), where she worked for eleven years. Afterward, she became established on her own and began experimenting with different paints and textures on canvas, and shortly thereafter received solo exhibitions at the Casa de la Cultura in Alcoy, Spain as well as the Llotja de Sant Jordi, both receiving great reviews from the public and art connoisseurs. Currently, she is a renowned painter whose work is characterized by constant innovation and continuous concern to discover and experiment with new and different products. Berenguer’s newest series of works highlight her love of color and expressionism. Inspired by neo-impressionists artists, Berenguer aims to emphasize the joy and beauty of the world with unfiltered naivety.,h_400,c_fill/nmnrmeg3oluto0xdwz7t.jpg