Ana Luisa Veloz


Ana Luisa Veloz
I was born in Monterrey, México where I enjoyed my earlier years. I would say that growing up in paradise a multicultural friendly place was an amazing experience. As a child, I always felt a strong, deep connection with nature and found my most sweet moments in contemplation of the little everyday miracles. Being naturally intuitive since an early age focused my energy with the loving intention for the healing of all and everything. I knew then that Love is the most powerful and healing energy there is. At the age of 8 as I contemplated on sacred geometry and ancient symbols understood the perfection, totality, and beauty of life. Knowing then, that we have the capacity to modify our reality with the most simple and yet powerful tool... Breathing the Joy of Now with focus loving intention. At the age of 16, I had a booklet of poetry published, inspired by the beauty and complexity of our human traits and nature. The beauty of Being. Later on, I went to college to study Fine Arts and Communications. I have had painting and poetry awards, individual and collective exhibitions. Besides my creative Art, I enjoy teaching Art classes for children and practiced classical ballet for 9 years. I will say that Art in all expressions is a form of prayer. Since very young I felt inspired by my beautiful mother. Besides her scientific background as a Bio-Chemist, she also introduced me to the healing arts of Reiki, holistic living, and daydreaming. My first energy session was an amazing, transformational, eye and soul opening experience. I knew then that I found my very purpose in life; To bring more joy and love to all. I feel very blessed that I get to share energy healing modalities available to humanity to guide us in the journey back to Love. Come as you are today. I am here for you.,h_400,c_fill/asrt1wplz59qrvwpui0f.jpg