Gail Foster

Gail Foster

Gail Foster
Gail Foster is an Atlanta-based artist whose work is often exhibited in the Atlanta area. Foster’s work is motivated by an impassioned view of the human condition and by a joyful celebration of the power of the inner spirit. In addition to lifestyle and trade publications, Gail Foster’s art has been featured in one museum solo show, eight museum group exhibits, twenty solo private gallery exhibits, fifty-one private gallery group exhibits and thirty public collections. Foster is a proud artist, philanthropist, educator, and activist whose unique outlook will invigorate the course of her creations. Artist Statement I can’t paint a dark figure. No matter what happens around the figure, there’s still that light from within. Knowledge is ultimately cellular and intuitive - it’s in our bodies. Art, if it’s to be truly good, needs to tap into that level of inner knowing, that inner light. The many layers of my paintings and drawings are a basic part of that search for inner knowledge. In my drawings I use six different charcoals - the layers upon layers are a way of getting to the point of connection where a couple of strokes finish the work. When that happens, the link between the work and me is literally physical. That total connection is important - in the end, every part of a painting has to work. The color has to seem spontaneous and haphazard, but if you open yourself up, the corners will be as important as the central figures. I learned long ago that the most effortless-looking painting isn’t effortless. Nevertheless, the technique isn’t what matters; it’s just the means of getting there.,h_260,c_fit/hr6kr83iwk5s4dtp91vr.jpg



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