Christopher Owen Nelson

Christopher Owen Nelson

Christopher Owen Nelson
Christopher Owen Nelson's work reveals the dynamic nature of intrinsic existence, as concept and feeling align within a medium that is uniquely his own. Combining elements of his background in painting and construction, Nelson carves multidimensional reliefs into cast acrylic panels and sculpture, illustrating deliberate yet subconscious narratives guided by lucid dreamscape.   Nelson lives and works in Denver, Colorado. He studied fine arts at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design where he learned classical methods in drawing and painting. While developing a deep appreciation for composition and form, Nelson focused on employing alternative materials; sculpting with used carpet, found objects, and painting on glass. He continued on to pursue a career in construction, gaining knowledge in concrete, steel and woodworking, that would eventually lay substructure for a new and innovative artistic approach. Electric power tools became primary instruments, with paints and textiles applied at later stages in conceptual evolution.   In Nelson's songwriting feelings of beauty and loss, lightness and dark intertwine; mirroring his visual art, where barren, leafless trees fracture solitary space. Lone branches are sculpted into sleek geometric form, their reflections appearing and disappearing as remnants of a future world. Nelson's portraiture suggests a series of fragmented momentary impressions, through which every subject has as many stories as they do acquaintances. Handwritten and painted texts are incorporated to further personalize expressions of the relationship between the artist and his subject. Utilizing new tools, materials and techniques, Nelson draws inspiration from those who surround him, from material forged by human hands, and from the vast arid landscape of the American west.,h_260,c_fit/i6pv10ynl4rgt8kvvbtr.jpg



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