Bryan Dubreuiel

Bryan Dubreuiel

Bryan Dubreuiel
Have you ever loved something so much and put it on hold to serve other priorities? That is exactly what Bryan Dubreuiel did. He has been an artist his whole life, but decided to serve his country for 20 years, so his art career had to wait.Bryan is a contemporary abstract painter and US Navy Veteran(retired) originally from Atlanta, Georgia, currently residing in Round Rock, Texas. His earliest inspiration was always the abstract form—the colors in something he saw more than what he actually saw as a picture. While in the US Navy, Dubreuiel had the ability to see the world, which included museums and galleries holding the originals of some of his childhood idols, such as Picasso, Kandinsky, Monet, Van Gogh and others. This helped him to appreciate the art world even more and define what kind of artist he wanted to be. Leaving painting behind for a time and serving was difficult, but he has since painted basically non stop, besides helping his wife raise their family. Dubreuiel stayed in Texas after he retired from service, where he is active in the local art community and would love to continue to do this for a living.Music, sounds, words, visions are an integral part of his artistic process and can be seen in his very diverse style of artwork. He has sold over 500 paintings worldwide. He is proud to say that his original paintings are in numerous corporate and private collections throughout the US and abroad.,h_260,c_fit/qiih6yojbzbjo4a639s0.jpg



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