Andrew Manaylo

Andrew Manaylo

Andrew Manaylo
“For me, the process of creating the painting - is a surge of emotions, transmitted on canvas using the oil paints, through the expressive combination of colors and textures applied by brushes, palette knives, sometimes fingers or any else - what is at hand. In creating of compositions I strive to find new forms of self-expression, where reality and the playful imagination intertwine.” An international award-winning artist Andrew Manaylo – one of the most generously gifted representatives of the young generation of the Ruthenian fine arts of our days. Andrew was born in 1970 (Uzhgorod, Subcarpathia/Ukraine) and presents the third generation of a painter artist dynasty. His predecessors, the grandfather Fedor Manaylo – the National Artist of Ukraine and one of the founding fathers of the Sub-Carpathian school of fine arts, and his father – Ivan played an outstanding role in the history of fine arts of the Carpathian region. Andrew had gotten his professional training not only in his “family school”, but also at such a prestigious institutions of education as the Lviv Academy of Fine Arts (Ukraine) and the St. Petersburg Repin Academy of Fine Arts (Russia) – where he had the possibility to imbibe the spirit of artistic professionalism for five years. Andrew is a curator of numerous international art-symposiums and art projects. Nikita D. Lobanov-Rostovsky Advisor to the auction house “Christie's" and to "Sotheby's" Member of the Board of Directors' of "Association of Theatre Museum" in London, Life Member of the Union of benefactors of the Museum "Metropolitan" in New York, Board member of the "International Foundation of Arts and Education" in Washington --- „In the artistic works of Andrew Manaylo images emerge from an explosion of feverish brush works, fast and energetic. Andrew Manaylo's painting is personal rather than objective; in his artworks, the experience and the feelings seem to leak out in the tumid and mushy brush strokes, but paradoxically they acquire an extraordinary pictorial lightness thanks to a determined and dispatched technique. The creative urge dictates the rhythm in the paintings of the Ruthenian artist; a rhythm that becomes each time more and more urgent and engaging; a rhythm capable of creating a dynamic vortex of emotions, as well as evocative atmospheres that ignite of a thousand colored reflections.” Virginia Bazzechi Ganucci Cancellieri, Art critic, Florence, Italy,h_260,c_fit/2nbn5hyogjjq9t2l5blv.jpg


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