John Quigley was born in Louisville Kentucky in 1977, but has transferred his home to Houston with his wife Mellissa. He has developed an extremely individual technique, combining familiar characters we know, and his own photography to create works that have no one true message. A pastiche of comic strips, and real life images the pieces unfold themselves differently every time you look at them, allowing the viewer to have a wide variety of impressions and an ever changing point of view. Artist Statement Art has been the stabilizing force in my life. Like a mirror that reflects what I have seen and felt, art gives a voice to my experiences that are too difficult to address in any other way. The subjects of my work are often renderings of real people or places that actually exist, as unbelievable as they may seem. I choose to depict the conflicts within human nature and explore the idea of whether or not we are as different as we may think. I attempt to challenge traditional conceptions of religion, patriotism, and self, and I try to balance my cynical sense of humor with my deeply rooted appreciation of the human spirit. After 9/11 I joined the United States Army infantry and served several combat deployments with Special Operations. After 8 years of service with an honorable discharge, I began working as a PMC (Private Military Contractor) in the Middle East. I have found myself in countless situations that most people only watch movies about, giving me a unique perspective on life, religion, diversity, politics, and human nature. I am a self-taught artist. Digital photography is my primary focus, but I incorporate mixed media techniques to share my message. It is my hope that my work will honor those who have given me the foundation on which I base my vision, as well as allow the masses to experience the things that are generally kept a secret within a world obscured by violence and religion.