Vakhtang (VAH-TA’NG) was born in 1979 in Tbilisi, republic of Georgia. His grandfather, well known in Georgia artist, often took little boy to his studio and taught him how to draw and paint. The grandfather used to arrange still life and two of them would paint it together, and then talk about what they both saw and painted. After still lives came landscapes (plain air painting) and then portraits.

Since age five Vakhtang took part in exhibitions of children’s paintings, and in 1989 received gold medal on a nation-wide juried competition of children’s paintings in Tbilisi. In 1990 he received another honorary diploma in a children’s art competition.

Since 1989 Vakhtang was studying in the school for children gifted in art. In 1996 he was accepted to the Tbilisi Academy of Art. In 1999 he was during summer practice at the St Petersburg Academy of Fine Art and for the first time saw works of two artists Levitan and Coro, which made biggest impact on his vision of art and helped to shape him as a landscape artist. Vakhtang began to understand that he wants to paint landscapes, but the way it will show his feelings, his inner world. Landscapes for him are his way to give people warm, good feelings, positive emotions.

During his school years he continued to actively participate in exhibitions, both group and solo. Vakhtang was experimenting with styles and manners, tried surrealism, modern decorative styles, hyperrealism, but more and more understood that “lyrical landscape” how he calls it is his love in art. Last two years in Academy Vakhtang spent wondering in the hills and valleys of his native Georgia, often with friends, sometimes alone. He was sketching hundreds of trees, hills, peasants’ homes and girls milking cows. He was more and more perfecting his style and steadying his hand.

During those last years in the Academy he met a girl from the decorative department of the Academy whom he first befriended and they spent countless hours discussing meaning of art and life, but just before graduation they decided to marry each other, and in 2004 they had their first son born.

In 2003 Vakhtang graduated with honors, and five top graduates were invited to exhibit in Germany, in a galley “CULTIG7”, in the city of Mannheim. The exhibition was a success and the group spent 3 months in Germany, moving with exhibition from city to city, paintings new paintings along the way.

In 2004 Vakhatang and three other artists created an art group called “representational art studio” (The Studio). The works were reviewed by a prestigious European art magazine “ARTPROFIL” and all artists got very favorable reviews from the art critique.

In 2004 on the national juried exhibition Vakhtang received 3rd place.

In 2005 on German Juried exhibition “Impulse 2005” Vakhtang received first prize.

In 2004 & 2005 The Studio exhibited in Germany, Italy and France, including such galleries as prestigious Paris gallery “La Mason Caucase” and Italian gallery “Bergomanero”. The group exhibited in The Art Gallery/Museum “National Art Gallery” in Tbilisi, Georgia. 

After traveling Europe (Italy, France, Germany) Vakhtang created a series of paintings called “View on Cathedrals from the back yards”. The series premiered on the International Art Fair in Germany in 2005, and then moved to two exhibitions in Germany, in Mannheim and Osnabrueck. 

Vakhtang’s hobby is writing about his travel. In 2005 he won juried contest and his story called “Louvre-Rivolli” was published by a popular Georgian magazine “Hot Chocolate”.

During last four years Vakhtang extensively exhibits in Japan, Germany and the United States. He travels several times a year, and everywhere he makes sketches and paints. In 2009 the US Ambassador to Georgia visited his studio and purchased several paintings both for the Embassy and for his own collection. A number of other ambassadors and staff purchased paintings from Vakhtang. Vakhtang is married, and has two sons.

Curriculum vitae:

1979 - Born in Tbilisi, Georgia;

1987/1996 - Tbilisi state Art School for Children;

1996/2003 - Tbilisi state Academy of Fine Arts;

2004 - Establishes art group “FIGURATIVE ART STUDIO’’;

2005 – Member of the Georgian Artists’ Union

2006 – Member of the “InternationalerKuenstlerVerein” Bonn (Germany)


2016 "TOMORROW WILL BE YESTERDAY 01" ARTISTERIUM9 Curator: Magda Guruli. Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia 

2015. "PSILOCYBIN MUSHROOMS" Multimedia project, curator: Khatuna Khabuliani, "Europe House Georgia", Tbilisi, Georgia 

"BACK HOME?" Art Area Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia 

2008. Mitsukoshi Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 

2007. Mitsukoshi Art Gallery, Sendai, Japan


2016. ViennaPhotoBookFestival, Vienna, Austria 

"GREEN" Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia 

2015. XI Biennale of young Artists, NI Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje, Macedonia 

"HERITAGE" RICHMIX Arts Center, London, UK 

2014. AT388 Rotterdam, NL 

2013. "HERITAGE", Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia 

2009. Mitsukoshi Art Gallery “2 man show” Matsuyama, Japan 

Gallery KUNSTRAUB 99 Cologne, Germany 

2008. Mitsukoshi Art Gallery “2 man show” Sendai, Japan 

2007. Tobu Spring Art Festival, Tokyo, Japan 

Gallery ATELIERHAUS WESTFALLENHUETTE “strassenverbindenkulturen” 

WissenschaftsPark, Dortmund, Gelsenkirchen, Germany 

Gallery Universe “The Lost Ones” Tbilisi, Georgia 

National Gallery of Armenia “Georgian Visual Art” Yerevan, Armenia 

Gallery Culti G7 “KunstausGeogien III” Mannheim, Germany 

2005.  La Maison Caucase, Paris (France), “Christmas Exhibition”; Gallery “Universe”, Tbilisi (Georgia), “Figurative Art Studio, exposition II”; Figurative Art Studio & Gallery “Universe”; “Mantashev” Centre, Tbilisi (Georgia) - “TBILISOBA” Festival; La Maison Caucase, Paris (France), “The 20’s”; Sheraton Metechi Palace, Tbilisi (Georgia), “Art Card”; Gallery M, Tbilisi (Georgia);  Contemporary Georgian Art; Gallery “Borgo Arte”, Borgomanero (Italy), “Tbilisi Impronte”; Gallery "CultiG7", Mannheim (Germany),            Spring 2005 "Tbilisi, Art from Georgia III"; Stadthalle Osnabrueck, Osnabrueck (Germany) “Impulse 2005” International Art Fair; “Figurative Art Studio”, Tbilisi (Georgia); The Day of the Opened Door;

2004: National Picture Gallery, Tbilisi (Georgia); “Christmas Art Festival”; “Ponto” Art Festival, Gonio (Georgia); Gallery “Universe”, Tbilisi (Georgia); “Figurative Art Studio, exposition I”;

2003. Gallery "CultiG7", Mannheim (Germany); Autumn 2003 "Tbilisi, Art from Georgia II"; Sanatorium “Borjomi-Likani”,  Likani (Georgia); Gallery “Hobby”, Tbilisi (Georgia),            ”Spring Palette”; Hotel “Georgia”; Tbilisi (Georgia);

2001. E.Akhvlediani state Children Gallery;

2000. Tbilisi Business centre “Mtatsminda"; “Industry Saves Georgia” head office;            “Opened doors to the new Millennium”

1998. Gallery “Hobby”;

1990. E.Akhvlediani state Children Gallery;


2016. COSMOSCOW 2016 

ART16 /OLIMPIA/ London, UK 


ART VILNIUS'15 International Contemporary Art Fair, Vilnius, Lithuania

ARTISTERIUM 2015, International Art Fair, Container gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia 

2014. ARTISTERIUM 2014, International Art Fair, Container gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia 

2013. BERLINER LISTE 2013, Berlin, Germany 


2007. OW_ART 07 International Art Fair, Buchen, Germany 


2005. IMPULSE 2005 International Art Fair, Osnabrueck, Germany


  1. E. Akhvlediani award for the best children artist; 1990

  1. E. Akhvlediani Diploma for the best children Painting; 1990

The III prize for the best painting of the 2004 at the Tbilisi Christmas Art Festival, Georgian National Museum,Tbilisi, Georgia 

2007 The I prize at the International Art Fair OW_ART 07, Buchen, Germany 

2005 The I prize at the International Art Fair Impulse 2005, Osnabrueck, Germany 


Published works:

 “Louvre-Rivolli”, In: “Hot Chocolate”, #11, 2005;

Vakhtang’s works are kept in private collections in Germany, France, Italy, Greece, US, Turkey, China, Switzerland, Japan and Georgia.