Born in 1967, in Dhuvjan village of the Dropull county, Gjirokaster district, by Greek parents (Greek minority county inside the Albanian district). He paints since he was 5 years old. He graduated at the age of 14 from the eight-grade school of the area and after a double competition (at Berat, Gjirokaster) wins a scholarship at the Art High school “Ajet Xhindole” in Berat. In 1985, after a four-year study, he graduates with honors. His first professor was the distinguished painter Sotir Capo «Artist I MERITUAR”» In 1990 he graduates from the Educational Institute of Gjirokaster «Eqrem Çabej». He worked as an educator teaching first grade of an elementary school in his area for a short period of time. (This was a first hint concerning the topics that will inspire him in the long run). In 1991 with the great change of Eastern Europe and the free pass of the borders, he moves to Athens, Greece where he lives until now. That was the time when his professional career as a painter began. That year he carries out his first solo exhibition at the «Cultural Center» of Neo Psixiko’s Municipality. In between he enrolls in a four-year program at an art school of Peiraias’ Municipality where he was taught painting, hagiography and art history, conducted by accredited professors such as Manos Stefanidis, Kostas Markopoulos and Ioannis Karouzos. Within 6 years he carried out many solo exhibitions in different places of Athens, mostly Cultural Centers of Churches and Municipalities. In 1997 he collaborates for the first time with «Gallery Tzimas» at Kifisia. (Major importance of the painter’s ongoing development). In this art house the young painter comes in touch with the paintings of many great Greek artists and also with some of Russian art’s masterpieces that deeply influenced him, such as Poltavec’s, Sigajefski’s, Zurakovski’s, Berbeniets’s, Golibjevskaja’s, Brataniuk’s, Vladimir Litvinenko’s paintings which the particular gallery was the first that introduced this kind of art in the greek public. As such, being a major associate of the gallery, participates in all of its’ art exhibitions until now, mostly in its annual group exhibition and for the past consecutive 14 years, he is the art administrator of the annual catalogue of the gallery. In 2005 he exhibits 70 of his paintings from the past 5 years in a solo exhibition at «Gallery Tzimas». In 2006 he carries out two solo exhibitions in Athens. The one was at «Psihari Gallery» and its’ exhibition catalogue prefaces the accredited painter Vangelis Tzermias who writes: “Odysseas Oikonomou portraits” The soul of a model is the light witch a painter would want to attribute in to his white canvas. It is not always contrivance. Odysseas Oikonomou manage to find his Ithaki, he is being consumed into his model’s nature as if he would wanted to have a dreamy, but everlasting, relationship with them ,as we meet in every sincere painter with any possibility he possess in the brush and the color. And at the end he always has results. Vaggelis Tzermias Painter September 2006 And the second one takes place at the «Gallery Argo» in Kolonaki. The art critique Athena SCHINA prefaces writing: «Painting demands dedication but at the same time freedom as far as the possibilities of transformation, which offers, is concerned. Odysseas Oikonomou, a painter of the younger generation, possesses both of these parameters. He is inspired by the surrounding that he lives in and the one he dreams of, since he is interested to depict a meeting point of the past and the present within the youth and the immature spring. His compositions flow within the early Romantic Movement with several symbolic impressions. Children, young girls and teenagers, removing the suspicions of decay and time, gaze the blur and the diffusion of the solar light, along side the ancient remains, at the corners of the city or at the glades while the vegetation hugs them, perpetuating their snapshot versions, and mostly the oddity of their appearance through a series of oppositions. The merge of the oppositions between the moment and the duration, in the dreaming element and everyday life, drives Odyssea Oikonomou to make use of the painting’s contemporary techniques which he develops them skillfully and imaginatively, knowing how to handle his compositions schematically, as well as the tempered harmonies of the colors, from which he depicts a special genre of energy channeled in a gloomy atmosphere». In 2007 he becomes member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece. In 2008 he takes part in a national art exhibition «EIKONA XOROS DRASI» and was coordinated by the Chamber of Fine Arts at «Texnoupoli» of Athens’ Municipality. Among 750 artists, his painting named «Moment» gets chosen as representative of the exhibition by the «Eleutherotipia» newspaper. In 2010 at the same place he participates again with success in a national art exhibition named «Human Form In Art». In 2008 he collaborates with the «Gallery Adam» at Kolonaki and continued to for 4 years. The same year he begins a successful collaboration with «Minima Gallery» at Mykonos island. «Gallery Lefakis» has auctioned successfully many of his paintings at «Athens Hilton Hotel». «Sotheby's» House of Auction has been interested in his paintings and a first meeting has taken place with the artist in their offices in Greece. His favorite great painters are El Greco, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Monet, William-Adolphe Bouguereau, Alexei Alexeivich Harlamoff … and also Greek painters such as Nikolaos Gyzis , Nikolaos Lytras , Georgios Jakobides, Aggelos, George Rorris, Vaggelis Rinas… His favorite colors are those that have a walnut oil base. His favorite subject is human portrait, especially children. He started out by painting figures, mostly women, for almost a decade. In the beginning he started painting children’s portraits by studying the famous Greek artist Nikolao Gyzi. The studies he made on Gyzi’s children’s portraits were countless, persistent, with great love and admiration. During all this time he carried out many client’s orders concerning portraits that were mostly children’s. The success he experienced from these portraits led him gradually to focus on children’s portraits alone. He is passionate with art photography and the artistic taste of things. In 2003 he meets Maria, an extraordinary talented photographer who had studied in England upon portrait topics. The exchange of opinions and collaboration with her were valuable. This is were Thaleia, his major muse in most of his work, derived. She is Maria’s nice and the perfect model for the artist. In the ideal, dreamy landscapes of Kerkyra, in special small streets, in ancient sites and remains, in lost royal greatness, in roman wells and special water taps in the well-known «Axilleion», beautiful Thaleia poses gracefully. Her natural beauty and her involvement with ballet along with Maria’s talent who set everything properly, choice of suitable spot, best time of day in the city, perfect lighting and communication with children, make things easy to grasp. This is how things flowed and these are some of his strong moments in his career. Then Internet and social media were introduced, which have a history of their own but are difficult to be explained verbally. Anyone who is familiar to these knows better. Art catalogs and publications. 2001. «Gallery Tzimas», Painting 2001, Catalog, group exhibition. 2001. "KIFISIA" magazine. 2002. «Gallery Tzimas», Painting 2002, Catalog, group exhibition. 2003. «Gallery Tzimas», Painting 2003, Catalog group exhibition. 2003. "KIFISOS" magazine. 2004. «Gallery Tzimas», Painting 2004, Catalog, group exhibition. 2005. «Gallery Tzimas» Individual solo exhibition, Catalog. 2005. Newspaper "Rizospastis." 2005. 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